philadelphia skyline

My name is Olya Krasavina and I am a Russian born American Jewish artist living in Montreal since 2013. I have a background in Fashion Graphic design, Trial Presentations/Litigation support, Videography and Photography. I have been an artist all my life, but fully switched from corporate in 2015.

I draw inspiration from my life as a foreigner, exploring each city with the curiosity of a child, following every corner with my sketchbook and a brush. With my art I want to portray the cities as they are, the raw and the beautiful.


I teach watercolour workshops to kids and adults alike. My classes are build in a way that help students learn to see and translate their views of the world around them on paper in a way that shows their personality.

I do not believe in the “right” way of making a painting,  I believe in “Your” way!

I have a strong interest in Judaism, as a non religious artist I crave tradition and symbolism.

I create personalized Hamsa’s and explore the meanings of colours and symbols.

You can see my works and what’s available for sale in my Etsy store.

Thank you for stopping by!