Bienvenue à Montréal!

Always under construction..

bonaventure montreal

This series was born as an outlet of recording the ridiculousness of Montreal construction. It is a celebration of Montreal’s “festival of orange”!

La collection est un portrait de la ville de Montreal, éternellement sous construction. C’est une façon de célébrer le « festival orange » donc se vêtit la ville.


“Olya Krasavina’s wry illustrations bring the viewer into the joke, uttering a sarcastic “Thank you!” to the ubiquitous orange warnings that litter the modern human landscape. In the airy, immediate style of illustration and cartooning, she summons the memories of frustration and irritation to the front of the audience’s mind, and disarms it as quickly with a laugh of sympathy, empathy, and resignation. “ -Studio Beluga



Currently exhibited at Sofitel Montréal Golden Mile (Sherbrooke west and Stanley). If you are not sure where it is, just follow the construction signs.


I started sketching Montreal construction shortly after moving to Montreal in 2013. I could not see past through the orange cones and the beautiful cranes. This was one of the first sketches, it’s on de la Montagne downtown, next to Bell center, when they just started building the Roccabella towers


And then it went on and on in my little Moleskine.

vendu-canadiens pylons-in-montreal ruestpaul-1

Then the sketches turned into paintings..

orange cone montreal westmount Crescent-framed WC-JCbridgeuntil Studio Beluga approached me and offered to participate in the exhibition “Maintenance” by Possible Dimensions

galerie c.o.a.

For this exhibit I prepared four larger watercolour and ink works..

IMG_9402 pylon_project_Montreal roccabella crescent

along with a 3d art piece, the Orange Cone

orangeconemtl welcometoMTL orange cone montreal

Check out Press coverage for the Con(e)struction exhibits.



Follow this link to read the story of an orange cone.

orange cone montreal

All these works are available for sale.