Love Story


I lived in Philadelphia…


He lived in Calgary…calgary_yyc_watercolours

There are two chapels at City Hall, East and West. As a joke, I said, ” if we end up in East Chapel, then we are moving to East coast. If West Chapel, then West coast”.


Two months after the wedding we visited Montreal for a quick 2 day trip. We stayed in Le Petit Hotel in Old Montreal. We fell in love.


May 2012, we packed our lives in UHaul truck and drove cross country to start our new life together, in a new completely foreign beautiful city of Montreal.

This is from our road trip somewhere in beautiful British Columbia.


Family trip to San Francisco, California.

Weekend date in Italy. This is Piazza Venezia, Rome.

PiazzaVenezia-webMy favourite New York, we stayed here many nights. First thing I always do is paint our view from the hotel room.I travel with little watercolor Moleskines, mini paint set and water brushes.