Coffee and art

art montrealI teach “Coffee and Art” workshops that take place in cafes, parks and random inspiring places in our beautiful Montreal. We connect to the city we live in, exploring it, interacting and learning at times in meditative and investigative state.




“Design your Hamsa” is an on going series of workshops. Sign up to receive email updates to keep up with new dates or follow FB

During the workshop, you will be guided into the world of symbols and colours to create your own, very unique Hamsa.

“I started making Hamsas for friends and family, and as I designed them I thought about what that person needed and put those intentions into their Hamsa. And then I realized, that if I can help people make their own, then it can become a lot more powerful. 
As participants paint their own, they project their thoughts and wishes into it…and every time they look at it later, it reminds them to stay positive and focused on the goals they set for themselves. “

If you want to bring Hamsa workshop to your city, contact me