galerie c.o.a.

“Olya Krasavina’s wry illustrations bring the viewer into the joke, uttering a sarcastic “Thank you!” to the ubiquitous orange warnings that litter the modern human landscape. In the airy, immediate style of illustration and cartooning, she summons the memories of frustration and irritation to the front of the audience’s mind, and disarms it as quickly with a laugh of sympathy, empathy, and resignation. “ -Studio Beluga

montreal orange cone

With the help of Faux Cadres Canal and Studio Beluga, I was able to take my obsession with construction to the next level. From August 14th till August 29 2015, you could come fall in love with the orange pylon and beautiful cranes that frame Montreal skyline. Watercolour paintings were on view at Galerie C.O.A (6405 St. Laurent) along with a life size construction cone art piece created by Faux Cadres out of wood and painted with traffic signs and cranes by me.

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