While sketching Montreal, I could not help but to include that special shade of orange that pops up everywhere. And to take that obsession with construction to the next level, I came up with the Orange Cone project, that has been evolving for over a year and this year I am presenting a next version of Orange Cone MTL installation at Sofitel Montreal Golden Mile starting July 20th, 2016.

Lors de l’esquisse de Montréal, je ne pouvais m’empêcher d’inclure cette nuance particulière, la couleur orange qui apparait partout. Cette obsession m’amena à un autre niveau, je devais reconstruire à un plus haut niveau, d’où mon projet d’Orange Cone. Cela fait maintenant un an que ce projet évolue. Cette année, j’ai le plaisir de présenter une nouvelle version de MTL ORANGE CONE

orange cone montreal

It all started in the spring of 2015, when I won the contest by Studio Beluga with my idea of creating an orange cone sculpture with cities sticking out of it. Here is the original sketch..

orange cone montreal sketch nyc

Orange Cone in the making at Faux-Cadres Canal by David Bettan. (2015)

orange cone montreal

The work continued at home. 

And finally the big exhibit “Maintenance” Possible Dimensions by Studio Beluga and Faux-Cadres Canal at Galerie C.O.A. August 2015.

orange cone montreal

“Olya Krasavina’s wry illustrations bring the viewer into the joke, uttering a sarcastic: “Thank you!” to the ubiquitous orange warnings that litter the modern human landscape. In the airy, immediate style of illustration and cartooning, she summons the memories of frustration and irritation to the front of the audience’s mind, and disarms it as quickly with a laugh of sympathy, empathy, and resignation.

The city’s infrastructure is complex, but also very familiar. Construction barrels and pylons mark surface wounds that expose sewage lines and tenuously suspended sidewalks. Taken for granted when hidden, these are reminders of the gratitude owed to these structures that are engaged in the constant, transparent effort of supporting our weights without crumbling beneath them” – Studio Beluga

But story does not end here..after spending a long cold winter in the living room, Orange Cone got a make over and now ready to present himself again for another exhibit”MAGNIFIQUE CON(E)STRUCTION” at Sofitel Montreal Golden Mile starting July 20, 2016, the first day of Construction holiday in Montreal.