As I am writing this, my 5 year old son is snuggling next to me. 

Motherhood is hard. Especially first year, or second..or third? When my son was born I felt invisible, I felt like people stopped seeing me. I struggled, I tried to run away from it in my art. I tried to come back to my pre-motherhood happy joyful urban landscapes, I could not do it. It took  almost three years to realize that I was no longer the same, everything has changed. And that’s when it hit me..instead of trying to run away from it, I needed to embrace it, accept it. I needed to make motherhood my art. 

As soon as this breakthrough happened, I was on a mission! I instantly saw the vision of the painting, but it took me almost a year to finish it. 

There are many under layers to this painting, just like there are many pieces of me that I uncovered as I was unravelling my new identity as a mother.

Oil on canvas.

Here is an acrylic study: