Years ago, my dear friend had a baby. Her baby was born prematurely and things were a bit stressful for a while. I did not know how to pray, but I knew how to art. So I decided that if I put all the healing intentions that I could possibly gather into a Hamsa, everything would be just fine! 

I researched colours, symbolism, crystals and their healing properties and painted it all into this ancient amulet. I took it to my friend’s hospital room and I knew that all this energy that I felt while making the painting would stay with her and the baby. 

That was 7 years ago and her baby has since grown up into a big healthy boy. I am learning that what happened then was my way of a prayer, a meditation, a deep concentration. 

Since then I have created many more Hamsas, and I found beauty not just in the Hamsa itself but in teaching people create their own. I have led “Design your Hamsa” watercolour workshops in Montreal for Federation CJA, Torah Art jam with Rabbi Avi Finegold, Friendship Circle of Montreal. I also brought Hamsa workshop to Limmud FSU in New Jersey, as well as teaching multiple online workshops with Jewish organizations around Canada during pandemic.