Olya Krasavina is a Russian-born Jewish visual artist whose artistic journey began during anatomy class sessions in 7th grade in Moscow and has led her to a number of different cities across the United States and Canada. While drawing bones and skulls, she found herself floating between spiritual and physical realms.  

After high school, Olya’s family immigrated as refugees to the US (Philadelphia), leaving friendships and knowledge about life and the world behind. A stranger in her new reality, she was forced to learn everything all over again. After studying at the Art Institute of Philadelphia, she moved to New York City, where she worked as a fashion graphic designer, finally experiencing a sense of belonging. 

During a short trip to the Dominican Republic, she met her Canadian husband and moved to Montreal, a neutral territory for both.

Quitting her graphic design career in 2015, Olya became a full time artist finding recognition in the Montreal art scene. Having showcased her work locally, she has also started hosting painting parties and teaching watercolor workshops. However, her life was challenged after becoming a mother.

Since becoming a mother, Olya also became a yogi, and she finally understood the meditative qualities of her drawing practice – finding art in yoga, yoga in art.

In 2023, Olya went through an intensive yoga teacher training and received 200 hours Hatha yoga teacher certificate.

Through her art and yoga, she further attempts to explore and maintain her identity regardless of her life experiences. 


2023 March – Hatha yoga intensive teacher training with 200 hours Hatha yoga teacher certificate from Beth Davis Yoga.


2021 – 2023 – Taught drawing, watercolour and acrylic painting classes and camps to kids and adults throughout pandemic.

2017-2021 – Created and taught “Painting Montreal” workshops at the Marche Des Eclusiers, Old Port, Montreal, QC

2015-2017 – Instructor at PaintNite, Montreal, QC

2017 – March – Live Painting at the Montreal Science Center Foundation Fundraising dinner

2016 – July – September, “MAGNIFIQUE CON(E)STRUCTION” at Sofitel Hotel, Montreal, QC

2015 – December, Holiday Craft sale, St.Henri, Montreal, QC

2015 – November, “Square Affair”, Mclure Gallery, Montreal, QC

2015 – October 20, RAW MERGE, Trocadero Theater, Philadelphia, PA

2015 – August 13 – 30, Possible Dimensions exhibit, C.O.A. gallery, Montreal, QC

2015 – May 7th, EXPOSURE Raw Artists, Montreal, QC

2013 – Square Affair group show, McClure gallery, Montreal, QC

2011 – Unity Art Festival art fair, Calgary, AB


2010 – “Square Affair” group show, Fleisher museum,  Philadelphia, PA

2007 – “Distortion Arts” Group Show, Philadelphia, PA