If you hear a voice within you say ‘you cannot paint’,

then by all means paint, and that voice will be silenced.”

–Vincent Van Gogh

Whether you are looking for a kids painting classes, girl’s night, birthday parties and team building activities, I got it! Fun event for all ages and occasions. 2 hour workshops with all supplies included.

I offer acrylic and watercolour painting for beginners. If you have never painted before, I will guide you into creating your own beautiful masterpiece, while learning tips and tricks of acrylic or watercolor painting.

Events are hosted in my home studio downtown Kelowna or location of your choice.

Check out the photos below from my events and contact me to book your event.

I teach regular kids classes out of my home studio. Kids learn drawing, painting, composition, colour theory and art history.

As I am writing this, my 5 year old son is snuggling next to me. 

Motherhood is hard. Especially first year, or second..or third? When my son was born I felt invisible, I felt like people stopped seeing me. I struggled, I tried to run away from it in my art. I tried to come back to my pre-motherhood happy joyful urban landscapes, I could not do it. It took  almost three years to realize that I was no longer the same, everything has changed. And that’s when it hit me..instead of trying to run away from it, I needed to embrace it, accept it. I needed to make motherhood my art. 

As soon as this breakthrough happened, I was on a mission! I instantly saw the vision of the painting, but it took me almost a year to finish it. 

There are many under layers to this painting, just like there are many pieces of me that I uncovered as I was unravelling my new identity as a mother.

Oil on canvas.

Here is an acrylic study:

Exploring the same style, this time with cats

I have lived in many different places, and travelled even more. Can you recognize these places?

Watercolour on paper.

I danced ballet for many years back in Moscow when I was a kid. Ballet was my childhood. So now when I decided to take up ballet classes, it’s not even the dance itself, but the memories that make this practice so blissful.

This painting has become part of me, and I part of it. Whenever I was away from it, I missed it. I just wanted to be near it. Even though I see mistakes, as a graphic designer(in past life), negative space on the left, random leaf, kinda out of place and making the whole thing unbalanced. But I love it.. I accept it. This is life, unbalanced, with voids.. and instead of filling them with random things just so “ something is there and it follows the rules”, I choose to breathe into this space, accept it the way it is, just as my life. I love it.

I lived in Montreal for 10 years, and construction cones were the center pieces of every corner in the city. I could not help but include them into all my paintings, and some paintings were inspired by these beautiful happy cones.