My approach to yoga is based on the Ghosh lineage Hatha yoga as explained by Patanjali. This practice is a holistic discipline for the whole human system: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

My intention is to teach this practice of yoga as it was originally created, as medicine.

As an artist, I have been moving energy and healing myself through art for as long as I remember. Painting was a meditative experience for me that I could not be without.

I am currently teaching Hatha yoga privately via zoom and in-person in Vancouver. I work with women, who just like me, started to forget to breathe, stopped seeing themselves, forgot to dedicate time to love themselves,  postpartum and years after and with this practice of yoga they start to get back to themselves again. I teach pranayama breathing, meditation and Hatha yoga.

Olya: 200 hour Hatha yoga certified teacher.


“Olya’s impact on my health has been noticeable in a very short time. First, I am finally motivated to keep up with regular practice – something I have struggled with in the past.  Olya’s personal care and attention helps maximize the benefit of every movement. With clear and patient communication, Olya makes me feel safe and inspired to work harder. Already I feel the impact on my strength, posture and mobility. As a post-menopausal 60-year-old with a sedentary job and a whole bunch of grandchildren to keep up with, this is life-changing and life-affirming. ” – Petrina.